Canon EOS 60D JumpStart Guide (Tutorial DVD)

Product Description

Tutorial DVD 2010; Play in any regular DVD player worldwide (recommended) or CD-ROM. Canon EOS 60D – Everything you need to know in under 2 hours Taking pictures is more than just pointing the camera and pressing a button. To get the kind of photos you really want, you’ll need to learn a little bit about your camera. You can transition from taking snapshots to producing inspired images that you will cherish forever. It’s not hard, we’ll show you how. This JumpStart Guide to the Canon EOS 60D covers: features and functions – manual and automatic white balance – ISO setting – different quality settings – reading and using a histogram – basics principles of photography – depth of field – aperture vs shutter priority – live view and movie mode – program mode – basic and creative zones – composition – lighting with flash – three point lighting – selecting and using a tripod – lenses, filters, and accessories – tips & tricks Chapters: 1. A digital camera tour 2. principles of photography 3. shooting modes 4. menus, menus, menus 5. Taking better pictures. Read more


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