Dakota Digital SGI-5E ‘NEWEST VERSION’


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Product Description

SGI-5 E UNIVERSAL SIGNAL INTERFACE UNIT The Dakota Digital SGI-5 is designed to recalibrate a speedometer signal or correct sinewave(AC)/squarewave(‘oc’) signal incompatibilities. Here are some typical applications: 1. Recalibrate a high speed (32,000ppm – 250,000ppm) signal for an OEM speedometer. Do not use this unit to adjust a signal going to an anti-lock braking system. 2. Recalibrate a low speed (32,000ppm – 4,000ppm) signal for an OEM or aftermarket speedometer or fuel injection computer. 3. Convert a high-speed signal found on newer GM transmissions down to a low speed signal to run a speedometer, cruise control, or fuel injection computer. 4. Convert an 8000ppm signal from an aftermarket signal generator to a 4000ppm or 2000ppm to run an OEM cruise control or fuel injection computer. 5. Convert a 16000ppm signal from a VDO Hall Effect signal generator to an 8000ppm, 4000ppm, or 2000ppm to run a cruise control or fuel injection computer. 6. Convert a 4000ppm signal from an OEM transmission speed sensor or ECM output to an 8000ppm signal for an aftermarket speedometer. 7. Convert an 8000ppm or 16000 ppm signal up to a high-speed 128,000ppm signal for a newer fuel injection computer. These Dakota Digital universal speedometer signal interfaces are designed to handle all of your electronic speedometer signal conversion and calibration problems. They can recalibrate 8K pulses per mile through 250K pulses per mile speedometer pulse rates. The interfaces are great for readjusting aftermarket and OEM electronic speedometers after changing gear ratios. Please Note: This is a technically advanced product and if not installed correctly may cause incorrect vehicle operation and/or damage to vehicle components.


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