LevelOne FCS-1030 10/100Mbps IP Network Camera

Product Description

Have your home surveillance in your hand with the LevelOne FCS-1030 compact-sized IP network camera. It is able to broadcast live images to your handheld mobile phone or PDA and supports 3GPP/ISMA RSTP formats via a 3G mobile phone. This is the perfect network camera for home and office surveillance systems. This device is able to transmit optimal synchronized video and audio over the Internet, providing remote monitoring capabilities. The camera is easy to install in a network environment with no need to worry about complex network setup procedures. Once installed the wizard can provide an easy set-up procedure for camera use. With a built-in web server, FCS-1030 provides an easy user interface for remote access to receive video signals from anywhere, anytime over the Internet with the Internet Explorer browser. DDNS is also configured to allow this camera to use an easier naming format to remember rather than an IP address.


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